10 thoughts on “Some Boys I Like

  1. wow, i ver thought i would see the day were i get to see my babes Spencer, David Mazous, Tristan, Bradley Steven Perry (back when he was young and cute) and Scotty all one single post! You have won more than just my approval in this one, Doug good Your taste in boys is exquisite. And mind I say, but the first pic of Spencer, his smile is way too much more adorable than usual! And the same for Tristan, he looks sooo young in that pic and ssooo cute! inlove Thanks a lot for this masterpiece of a post

    • Thanks Assyboy for your kind words…!!! It means a lot comming from someone on here I admire….!!!! I love Bradley in #4, I remember this show and was hoping she was going to spank him…!!!! laugh diablo

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