12 thoughts on “Walking Cutie

    • oh, believe me, I more than anybody else knows there are several senes of him shirtless smile In season 2 (spoilers) after he gets shot, he is being taken care by Hershel at his farm, and he has Chandler sleep with nothing but his tiny boxer briefs on, so we get to see Chandler’s smoking hot body for some tiny scenes good

  1. he started being a little cuttie in The walking dead, but he is getting hotter and hotter each season. His hair has always amazed me, it is sooo amazing and long hair really fit him well, it makes his lovely blue eyes even more remarkable

    • I remember that back when I was 13, I started to watch the show, and looked for pictures online of Chandler, and boy o boy, I found pic #6 to be an AMAZING source of visual stimulus. I had many wanking useing only that one picture of him

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