Because Some of Us Like Our Boys a Bit Girly

So I’d seen a few photos of this boy posted on the blog and thought I’d add to it along with a brief background. But feel free to ignore this text and go straight to the boy, I know I would.

This boy started posting himself about 5-6 years ago under the name of PantsuBoyGirl. We got to look at his pretty face, he got complements and got his self esteem/ego boosted a bit, It was a win-win for everybody.

But like all good things it couldn’t last. Some idiot posted links to his crossdressing pics on his FB and he understandably freaked, proceeded to delete all his content from everywhere he’d previously posted it, and disappeared from the interwebs probably never to return..

Sadly this is why we can’t have nice things.








31 thoughts on “Because Some of Us Like Our Boys a Bit Girly

  1. It is such a shame that some people have to spoil things for others, but all the same, i think he is gorgeous, and what can you say about his legs, oh those legs.

  2. Ugh! Cyber social media bullies suck! He is who he is! If he’s comfortable in his own skin who is anyone to judge? I know I enjoy wearing size10 young girls panties to sleep in they’re cute and very comfortable and I like the way they make my package and buttocks look! laugh blush was good that some people are not ignorant! But ashamed he should NEVER have been or be! The shame falls on the social media bullies!

  3. I’m more of a girly boy myself, LOVE crossdressing and drag.
    Does anyone know where I could find him online? Somebody above mentioned that he’s still active somewhere.

  4. I have been witing to find more pics of this boy for years now ! thank you so much for posting these masterpieces of girly boy pics! It really is a big shame that some bully made this sweet boy end his cross dressing posts sad He ruined it all for us BLs, too. This boy is a prettier girl than any real girl, he can wear any dress perfectly!

  5. I can only be attracted to boys that look just like hot little girls. If he has a twin sister, would be even better because I can have them both. Noting better than a sexy hot girl and a sexy hot bro with her. :P

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