Libera: The most angelic voices ever!!!!

Libera: The most angelic voices ever!!!!

Hello everyone,

It’s finally December, the best time of the year to listen Libera!!!! smile smile
For those who might not know, Libera is a musical group formed with boys only!! This group exists for quite some years already. The faces keep changing as they grow older. But their beautiful and truly angelic voices always give me the shivers every time I listen to them, no matter how many times I listen to the same songs!!!!
For this reason, here I share some of my favorite songs! Enjoy! ;)

8 thoughts on “Libera: The most angelic voices ever!!!!

  1. I have all their records for 10 years ! I went in Arundel Cathedral to hear them in 2008 (and I live in south of France: I went to England only for them !). An amazing spectacle. The day after, I went to their church (east south of London) to hear one of their rehearsal and could speak with “Little Ben” a very nice and funny boy. One of the best boy choir in the world. Thanks to post here for those who don’t know them.

  2. I love very Libera with all my soul and heart because is best choir in the world
    Their music is magic
    But my most big dream is see Libera barefoot always because i love very boys feet

  3. A big fan of them. Have a few of their albums. (digital downloads actually). Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live though. Lately all their tours are either in the US or in Asia. Still hoping that one day they’ll come a bit closer.

  4. Thank you very much for introduction to a amazing boy choir! I was brought to tears! I am a fan of music and this right here is the purest form! They have the vocalizations of Angeles! Which us true BLs know that’s EXACTLY what they are! They make ones emotions bubble over! Weather it be happiness or sorrows tears will definitely fall listing to Libera! Simply beautiful! HUGE thank you for sharing! heart hug Ps. They definitely have a new fan! I adore them ALL! smile

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