14 thoughts on “Hotel Italia

  1. Hot damn, what a wonderful Hotel, how do I book a room? The brothers in the wading pool are so sweet and cute, yes followed by a sexy young lad flying the British colors handsomely blum , only to be upstaged by a totally erotic young sex godling sporting a white speedo pulled down for maximum sun and BL distraction. shock Yet you don’t falter, then next frame has a cute young man center stage supported by a cast of cuties in red speedos. laugh Then you bring us off with an absolute stunner in very nicely low cut white speedo. shock inlove SN1 good very well done, I give the post 8 1/2 erections. heart hug

  2. When I see be such beautiful bois wearing such skimpy (small) swim suits I know they are not from America like me and I WISH bois here would wear something like all the cuties here!

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