18 thoughts on “Model Dexter Simonds

  1. He’s an all-time favorite. He’d have a gorgeous body even without those eye catching tits. When you was younger, they a little oversized but perfectly round and symmetrical. When he grew older his nipples seemed to grow faster. They’re at least three times as big as the average boy nip in pic 3. Even straight people would have to stop and stare at them.

  2. The 2nd pic, Dex in his pj bottoms and shirt off is my favorite boy pic of all time! It’s no problem for him to casually pose for his dad (trying out his camara for dex’s sister’s prom), his beautiful, skinny body gleaming in the light. I cropped it from the waistband up to study his chest and stomach, his sternum, ribs and subtle linings of ab muscle, and of course those jumbo size nipples – just beautiful. I never tire of it. I’m about to go to town on this image right now, might have to change my sheets smile

  3. Even after all these years, I still can’t go a week without pleasuring myself to that second pic. I love the juxtapositions, he’s confident, maybe even showing off a little, yet he’s also so young and innocent. He’s also very skinny but his chest has a little bit of muscle and he’s holding it out a bit. His stomach is lined with some muscle too. Just a beautiful photo of a beautiful kid.

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