15 thoughts on “Once upon a summertime

  1. Tomix you’ve posted one of the hottest posts so far! shock There are so many flat out hot, sexy, ten erection rated boys in this post that I fear I’d have to write 10,000 words to do each boy justice. laugh good fantastic, out of sight, marvelous, wonderful, just plain eroctic! diablo Thank you, thank you, thank you! heart heart hug hug

  2. A nice array of pictures. The joy of summer. Bumps and burses. Best buddies. Little boy, little shorts. Oops , Almost poking out the bottom. The Soviet Union never looked so good.
    Nice little red speedo. Mr. Bulge. Wet Underwear on the beach….with sister with no top.
    I always find it stupid when little girls wear a top…there is nothing there. See how cute she is without a top. And last……Nice dive and long legs. All sweet stuff.

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