6 thoughts on “Cute blond boy complete set + more little darlings

  1. You know you look at all these posts with an abundance of hot, sexy, handsome, beautiful young males and you run out of words to express the specialness of them. unknw The little blondie at the beginning of this post is marvelous, wonderful, amazing, hot, sexy, adorable, cute, sweet, nice, etc. good inlove hug
    I hope you have more of him Blueeyes, say in the bath, in speedos, frolicing naked? laugh
    The boy in frame 9 reminds me of some of my boy friends and really got me going, must get a grip—ah back again. Sweet kid. yes Thanks for the sharing and great post Blueeyes. good heart hug

    • Unfortunately i do not have any more photos of the first boy.
      That was all stock photography which i downloaded 5 years ago so he must be an older teen by now.
      Sometimes i look at his beautiful pictures wondering how great does he look now?

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