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  1. Yes I remember. Him I was a boy and I said he is so pretty out loud. I asked for the magazine. I saw him in my first boner. Of course I was not allowed it. Or was allowed to call a boy pretty. As you can see I still think he Is pretty. Great post as usual.

  2. Very nice Maxie. good Ricky was a real heartthrob, way back when. laugh The movie The Earthling has to be one of the top boy flicks of all time. yes Back in the day I couldn’t get enough of him. A friend actually knew him and hung out with him. He told me some pretty hot tales. shock Thanks as always Maxie. good heart hug

    • Thank for your words beast. I read two days ago, that you made a comment over Ricky, the hot pics with speedos. but sorry, I couldn’t find a pic. I thought to give you a surprise, Ricky was a very beautiful boy heart . If you get one of that hot pics, think in Maxie. Thank you so much for your support. good hug

      • Try Star Galaxy Gallery on the net, they have a couple of his speedo pictures. The ones that were really hot were from a TV celebrity fundraiser where they competed in a swimming race, he wore a light blue speedo which left nothing to the imagination. laugh shock inlove He was a little godling of the BL world back then. good heart hug

  3. I used to have a big crush on him too! The last shot if from Silver Spoons and I remember they ran a promo for that episode and you got a quick shot of him shirtless, I got an instant boner and made sure to watch that episode and watched it again when it was re-run later in the year. I went out and bought those teen bop mags and had the first pic and several others of him shirtless, got I was embarrassed to buy them but loved him so much I didn’t care. I know there are a few more like the first one out there, because I had them!!

  4. Maxie you appear to be well connected and experienced in this internet thing. There was a boy from years past who I’d love to see here because I’ve never been able to find many pictures of him, even though he was quite the child star in his day [1980’s]. His name is Justin Dana. inlove Star Galaxy Gallery has a few shots from three of his movies: dreamchasers [nice shot of him in boxers] United States, and Find My son. He was in The Incredible Shrinking Woman but they did not have any from that movie.
    I’d also love it if someone could post some Johnny Sheffield [boy] from the Weissmuller tarzan movies, he’s very cute and hot. shock inlove
    Thank you for your great post and for taking time to reply to guys’ comments. good heart hug

    • I love to reply the comments, I hope all understand me, my English is still very poor. To many of my comments I use the Google traductor. I taked note of Justin Dana and Johnny Sheffiejd (Boy) heart . I will try to find something. Thank you very much for your support beast. good hug

  5. Rickey is worth the admiration of many of us, thanks for the post, he always made my nights better. Violet-blue eyes. The pictures will be my Trophies. gamer

  6. Ah Yes! Remembering the Rickster.
    Especially loved the beach scene in Silver Spoons when Rick was probably 13 or 14 showing of his hot young teen bod.
    Another movie you might want to check out of a younger Ricky is “The Earthling”
    and /or ” The Champ”
    Did someone mention Johnny Sheffield? Gotta ton of pics of him.

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