15 thoughts on “What…do they?

  1. Very hot SN1. You should always hire a teenager while they still know it all. laugh Boy number 4 is just drop dead gorgeous. shock The two young men in their undies rate a good 5 erections. good I will go crazy trying to figure out if the boy looking out the window in his Ronaldo shirt is nude under it or not. dash The freckle faced blonde in frame 9 is very interesting, would like to know [in the biblical sense] him better. laugh And the last boy wears his speedos wonderfully he could fly my kite anyday. good laugh Thank you for sharing. good heart hug

  2. Yes , pic.8 makes me feel excited . All the other beautiful young boys have the same effect. Being a BL and waking up seeing boys first thing is very stimulating? Anyone else experience these feelings? Lol…

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