17 thoughts on “Andy 3

  1. He is probably my favorite on this site now. I love these posts of Andy. I love chubby boys and he is just absolutely gorgeous and the perfect amount of chubby. Thank you for such a beautiful boy.

  2. Truth be told, he’s kinda average looking to be a boy model, even an amateur one, but I always loved his willingness to get shirtless and show off what he had. His sweet soft body grew on me, and of course, there’s those wonderful puffy nipples.

    • I never thought he was a model. I always thought he was just some kid that someone was taking pictures of and trying to sell n the internet. 15 years ago or so he had a website called Andy Pioneer or something like that. I never was a big fan.

  3. Chubby boys need love too! good He is obviously a very nice kid who is secure in himself, how many of us would pose like that? unknw For some reason I cannot come in full contact with I feel very proud of him. good I’ve never been attracted to large boys, but I wouldn’t kick Andy out of bed for eating crackers. yes Thank you for sharing Mika. good heart hug

  4. Mika I like boys and the more to hug the better, Andy is surely a classic of this type, and I wonder how he keeps those super sexy feet so suckably clean, yum, nice post dude, keep it up!

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