26 thoughts on “Hot Spencer

  1. This boy is soooo sexy! That second pic drives me crazy … the hair, the butt, the body, the age, oh, man, he’s soooo fine! Can I bring him home with me? I’d be a very happy man. smile inlove smile gamer

  2. I’ve not been very uplifting tonight. sorry But Spencer sure is, i’m very uplifted, at least a certain part of me is. inlove laugh Spencer is now in his late teens and a very handsome young man, puberty has been kind to him and those of us who have been flogging the dong over him for years. yes He has that spark which says “I love to turn you on!” laugh And a glimmer in his eye which says he’d love to do with us what we are dreaming on. diablo Thank you for sharing Spencer with us Chadboy. good heart hug

  3. Spencer is my dream come true , one of my favorite pinup boys. Love to have a romantic evening with such a glamorous boy like him.. Love and kisses all night long…

  4. 1 wants a friend,has a cute pkg,is very cute, and a smile that says “will this do”?
    2 soooooo cute
    3 looks a little snotty, but shows a cute pkg……..which I would like to check out!
    6 I would love to please in every way!
    7I love blonds! this beauty comes across as “will this do”? oh yes it will,m,m,m,m,m
    8 a very tasty morsel that I would love to try …….I promise,,,,,,it won’t hurt ! ! !

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