21 thoughts on “Nice Boys 21

  1. Brown eyes and long dark hair are my favorites, but it does not prevent me from loving boys # 2 and 8. They are enormous wonderful. Beautiful boy is beautiful boy, despite whether he is blonde or brunette. smile

  2. Very nice blonde brigade. yes Number 8 appears to be a winner in the eyes of my fellow connoisseurs of young maledom. good I have to agree with at least a 6 erections up rating on that young sir. blum very sweet. good Thank you very much for sharing these hot sexy lads Heiner. good heart hug

  3. I dunno guys, I think #2 is the cutest one in that post. cutest by a land slide, cutest hands down. But I dunno, I never pick the winners or even runners ups for the boy of the week either. I mean I vote but my choice ain’t in the running. h well, it ain’t a contest right. we like what we like and that’s that. I’m lucky, if my taste if different then It means I gots no competition ;-ppp

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