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  1. Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I believe this boy may be autistic. A friend of our familys has two autistic children (boys) and because they’re prone to running off, impulsive and very difficult to manage – especially in a crowded atmosphere – this seems the most practable way of managing them. Autistic children often hate to be held and restrained, and even though it seems cruel, the wrist strap is a workable compromise.
    No offence Nalle2, but to refer any autistic child as a ‘Pet’ is a bit disrespectful.

    • I had a wrist strap and I am not autistic. I was a boy with ADHD and loved getting into mega trouble. I also mastered the art of taking off by just being quiet and slowing down my pace till I had stopped and mom had moved on. Next thing mom was having staff come get her cause I was bowling with glass wears and soup cans. So the wrist strap was moms warning device I was getting ready to bolt.

      So not every child Child that is wearing a wrist strap or leash backpack is autistic sometimes they are normal children that are little escape artists and its better safety wise and in my case money wise to have the restraint.

      Also I learned in college we don’t identify children by their disabilities but that they have the condition. We no longer say the “autistic child” but rather “the child that has autism”.

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