15 thoughts on “PostNo 40

  1. What Maxie said! good The 4th boy has a very inviting smile and the 8th boy is fetching to say the least. yes Number three looks bored, I would be glad to help him become aroused. laugh Thanks for sharing Easyl. good heart hug

  2. Great post they’re all really cute. Number 8 is my favorite. I have noticed in so many pictures, like the boy in number 8, the boys so often have their hands up or their arms up over their head. When I was the age of the kid in 8, what 8 to 10 ish ? I would never have left my hands or arm up like that with myself ( specifically my armpits) exposed like that. I couldn’t have been the only kid with vicious older brothers that would pounce at any opportunity to tickle the living hell out of me?
    He’s a super cute kid and cute little armpits, but to leave them exposed and to look so natural ? I couldn’t have done it.

  3. I’ll take the last boy. He looks lonely. It’s almost as if he’s pleading for a man to spend time with him and love him. I’ll be that man. He’ll be my son, and I’ll be his daddy. Oh, and I have a perfect string bikini which he’ll look great in. The last boy is MINE!

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