Ricky Schroder 2

Here are a couple I found of Ricky Schroder.  I realize some may think he’s too old in the second pic, but one thing I like about young cuties like him is watch them develop from cute bois to cute young men!  He was never shy about going shirtless. If you ever get a chance to see the movie with him and Brad Pitt (my two biggest star crush’s ever) he goes shirtless with Brad a lot!Ricky-Schroder-exclusive-hot-pic-4 rickyschrold rickybrad

8 thoughts on “Ricky Schroder 2

  1. He was really great in Across the Tracks and Too young the Hero as a man and the movie The Earthling and the remake of The Champ as a boy. He was great JO material as a youngster and a great actor as a man. I really admire and lust after him inlove Thank you for the post BNKS. good heart hug

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