21 thoughts on “Slater strikes again

  1. Again you do it, Maxie! Slater is gorgeous and these photos are wonderful. By the way the kiss in the first picture is for me! I love all the pictures but 1 and 7 are my favourites. Thank you very much. good drinks hug

  2. What a hot, sexy, handsome, little tough guy. inlove I would be glad to teach him boxing and how to use those chucks. smile I absolutely love little tough boys. I love rough housing with them, wrestling with them and engaging in the kinds of stuff they tend to like. He is daring shock . I give him eight erections, without a picture of him in speedos even. yes Thank you Maxie, you knock my socks off with your great fines and posts. good good heart hug

    • Your words are very kind. I am very glad to bring you out that feelings beast. I also love that tough boys. He shows, he is very rough and also pretty. I love him heart ! Thank you again, for your kindly support. good hug

  3. i love every things about this amazing boy, i cant describe his beauty in few words,
    he’s just wonderful, pure beauty, sweet eyes and pretty blonde hair and very hot body.
    special thanks from me maxie.

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