The happines of boys

All boys deserve to be happy. They are the most amazing thing there is, and their presence makes us all feel better! thus, they deserve to be as happy as they make our eyes and hearts be. A happy boy is a blessing! hegotmewithhissmile

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12 thoughts on “The happines of boys

  1. A nice group of happy boys, thank you assyboy. good Your preamble caused me to remember boys I saw in Vietnam in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it drew my mind to the boy soldiers in Africa and the middle east. God I wish I could bring them happiness! cry Hell of a world at times, sorry for the downer. unknw Thank you for sharing assyboy. good heart hug

  2. as I scrolled through the post I noticed how much Florian is growing on me. When I first started visiting this site I thought he was pretty cute but didn’t really see what all the fuss was about. As time has gone by and I’ve seen more of him he’s grown on me more & more. I’m talkin about Florian Podelka not Floran1 btw, don’t faaller y’erself Dude. ….. Jokes F1, just teasing Mwahahaha.
    Also as I scolled down I saw boy 7 Holy , he is SOOOO cute.
    Thanx for the post man. I really enjoyed it.

    High Five’s assboy !

  3. They are all so very cute, makes me all so warm inside to see them display their beautiful bodies as they do. Gives meaning to life. I’ve seen what war can do to a child, and think of just how lucky we are that these boys right now do not have to deal with that, I hope they can be protected for many more years to come. I appreciate the post. joy1

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