August Maturo shirtless-Finally!!!!

i’ve posted this boy before.  i’ve been dying for a shirtless shot.  it happened so had to share with the community.  Only a couple but worth it.august-maturo-1449429956 august-maturo-1449429965

5 thoughts on “August Maturo shirtless-Finally!!!!

  1. Now we have to find some of him pantless! laugh good Wish he’d adopted the traditional New Year’s boy outfit, he’d be darling in old style cloth diapers, even those new things would be welcome. shock Thanks for sharing boylover. good heart hug

  2. he is adorable!!! hug his lips are just so kissale and his bellybutton is so sexy. Just everything about him is really hot foronly having 8 years inlove I would like to take him home this December 31 so he could be my Baby New Year. Of course, that would require me to put him some diapers for beter characterization laugh Thank you really much for these pics.

  3. I’d like to thank this website and those who post on it very much for these beautiful pictures.
    I dont have too many ways to enjoy the kind of boys I like and this site is just right.
    Since i was ten i had crushes on boys who were ten. I got older but my taste didnt . And i think its for good reasons. Such cute little honey-pumpkins. If any of those boys would have me I’d probably become subservient to them.. again thanx smile

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