33 thoughts on “Peter in my Dreams

  1. Peter is a very multi-faceted boy. I like when the boys have blue jeans and specifically short jeans. yes You can probably easily guess that the eight pic makes me very excited. blum It is such a nice feeling … thank you Maxie. smile

  2. Maxie, you really do have some treasures! yes My second oldest son was a Peter. Everyone who saw him naked new why we named him Peter. shock This Peter is another little dream boat. heart The expression on his cute young mug in frames 2 & 3 rate a 6 erection up. good His denim shorts shot is also of that rating, maybe higher. yes Very nice, you sure play well with others Maxie, and I am glad. heart good hug hug

  3. It is a pleasure to remind you, your Peter. The expressions, of this boy heart are so beautiful. I am so glad to bring to this blog, so a beauty; with shorts he looks spectacular. I am trying to give a good Christmas to all. I love your support beast. Thank you very much. good hug hug

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