17 thoughts on “Speedo boys

  1. This reminds me of why I love pictures of boys in speedos better than any other type of boy image. yes Head shots, boys in soccer shorts and baggies are appreciated and even sometimes sexy and hot. good But boys shown in speedos, thongs, loincloths and other very revealing attire fuel LUST!! shock laugh inlove Sorry, just an old pervert talking. blush Not saying one is better than the other, this site has definitely increased my appreciation of all boy images while allowing me to indulge my need for JO fantasy material, I’m old not dead. good diablo
    I wish the photographer of #2 had given us a clear view of what the young Adonis was showing off. laugh Boy #6 is an old favorite who I never tire of getting off on; shock a real hotsie totsie. 7 erections up rated. yes #7 is another oldie but a goodie who never fails to satisfy. smile #9 is another 7 erection rated cutie, I’d love to be allowed to count his pubic hairs! shock Once again Lusiboy you have delivered a winner, thank you is too weak a statement. hug hug heart good

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