14 thoughts on “The summer of lovely boys by “BlueEyes”

  1. That first boy is an EPIC STUNNING BEAUTY. heart Such a great, lovely and perfect boy. I can easily understand why you are smitten by him and can’t get him out out of your head. Even after 2 summers. inlove hug
    In what country were those pictures taken?

    The other boys are really nice to, but after having seen that first beauty they all look a bit bland. blush

    Great post.

    • You’re very welcome boss.
      Thanks to all of you for your comments.
      The first boy is either from Germany or The Netherlands not sure as the families from those countries usually spend their summer vacations in this camping resort.
      This was in Croatia on the northern Adriatic.. Last year we had 3 million tourists in just 2 months of summer and you can definitely feast your eyes on some truly stunningly beautiful boys every summer. Can’t wait for June again.

  2. Was gonna try say something clever, but that first boy is just too cute .. No words come to mind to describe him so I wont try. Wow maybe ?
    the boy with the attitude is cute ya,
    the one that like is photo taken, well confidence is always is appealing. great post, thanx Blue eyes !

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