5 thoughts on “Boy Model – Denver (Set 1)

  1. A cute boy, no doubt, but there is something disturbing about his eyes. He has a look which causes me to think he is not posing of his own free will. There are also marks on his body which look very much like cigarette burns. I may be way off base, but I have to say what I feel.
    You look at Danny, Sonny, Hunter, Spencer or any of the top model boys, they look like they are enjoying driving us wild, Denver doesn’t, even the few shots of him where he smiles look forced and unnatural. sorry

  2. Hi Beast

    Let me try to explain in regards to your comment.

    Yes in fact, there are something wrong with Denver’s eyes. When I took the photos, we almost spent two months together (me, Denver and his older brother) on various sport photo shoots I was busy with. The photos were taken an hour before Denver and his brother had to go home. He was sad and very upset because they need to go home and I still had one more month to be on the road. We were very close.

    Besides this, I never had, and never will force a model to do shoots. All my shoots are with consent, on written contract and with a release agreement.

    As for the “cigarette burns” you mentioned. This was caused by a very dirty Cmos Sensor on my old Canon 30D … if you look closely. even the marks are on the sky portions.

    Hope this will let you feel better.

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