24 thoughts on “Lovely Visages

  1. A very good selection.
    The second boy is my guardian angel for several months now.
    I actually shared this photo here some time ago but it’s kinda greenish like it was photoshoped. This one is perfect, natural and very beautiful just like he is.
    I don’t know who this boy is but I don’t think he’s an actor or model. He looks so natural perfect next door kinda guy which is why I like him even more!!

    There’s also very nice to see the amazing beautiful Dylan again in some new photos.
    It’s always a real pleasure to look at his beautiful smiling face!!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing.

  2. 6 erections up, and I don’t normally find head shots arousing enough to rate. But this group is beyond gorgeous. shock I feel left out in not knowing who Dylan is? I’m kind of new to the web! sorry Thanks, again, Tom for a truly bevy of beauties. laugh good heart hug

    • Beast..don’t feel left out your amongst BL friends here… good Dylan Patton is/was a boy model who has hundreds of photos taken, He was especially very hot at a younger age! He is also an Actor and was on a soap opera on t.v. He and his younger brother and a few friends have some of the most sexiest pics around, I believe his Mom was a Professional Photographer (sports maybe?) Look him up on the web and im sure you’ll see why he’s a favorite to BL`s also on YouTube too! Happy searching!

  3. This is definitely some special, special, special collection. All those beautiful faces and all those lovely eyes. I am 10 x in love. heart And then still particularly, this infinitely wonderful boy. His long, beautiful hair is just kind of what I like in particular. All on his face is so incredibly beautiful … those eyes, that nose, those inviting lips, and yet that beautiful neck. heart How has He been able to create so delightful work of art… my dear boy 7. Thank you for Him. yes smile

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