27 thoughts on “Only for Speedo Fans

  1. Maxie you are the Yoda of posts. hug I was hoping to blow this post off with a “nice post”, but your post and its lovelies deserve more. yes
    Frame 2, happy boy, has a perfect little bubble butt that I’d love to gently spank, lick and—-. shock Frame 3 has a young munchkin I’d die to help finish undressing and play the sexy games he appears to be looking forward to. dash #4 is just a lovely boy in a sexy, lust fueling speedo shock . Then you give us three wonderful shots, I love boys in white speedos. blum Then there is the stunning stud gazing majestically at us in frame 8, man I’d like to get those red shorts off him. diablo
    Frame 9 touches my love of the little guys, to the bath young master! laugh Brilliant Maxie, much thanks. smile good smile hug hug

  2. Beast, I don’t know what to say. I’m really glad when I read your comments. You are very descriptive with your words, and very kind to me blush . I hope tomorrow, you will be happy, with my post. Have a surprise dear beast, I am not going to tell you, who comes for you unknw . Have a nice day yes , and one million thanks for your support. good hug

  3. Hello Maxie !!! You’re one king .
    Of boys very handsome magnific.
    My favourits is * 1-2-3-7-9-10 *
    The boy n* 2, handsome butt
    The boy n * 7 is for me please ♡
    Thank you very much friend Maxie smile smile smile

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