18 thoughts on “So pretty so cute

  1. I want to just pass along with a sweet, sexy boys comment, but frame three needs more. yes That is some lucky man. good It was me, thank the higher powers with more than just my sons. Another post today that bring the warm comfort of past pleasures and relationships. inlove #1 is charming, #2 is one of my favorite little boys, would like to suck something of his. shock laugh #4 is packing some meat, #6 & 7 is a slim darling and #9 is a spankable, edible little hottie. diablo The post is a good 7 erections up rating, well posted dear Master Poster Lusiboy. good heart hug

  2. #3, that man is lucky! you can see how much his boy loves him back, that is a true love hug, and I love how the man is touching his youngfriend’s butt with such delicacy.
    Boy #4 has a really well developed giant bulge!!! wacko
    Boy #5’s tunge and eyes are sssoooo adorable and cute, they area really childish inlove
    And of course, boy #9’s butt, well, we can all easily admire how beautiful it is, worthy of endless spankings and hard poundings yes

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