Those eyes….

Has it ever happened to you that you were in the bus and saw a really beautiful boy, but you couldn’t snap a picture of him? I came across that situation today. This is not him, of course, but those are the eyes he and his little brother had… and my cellphone camera failed to take the picture… I almost wanted to cry.

Anyway, here’s my revenge XD


11 thoughts on “Those eyes….

  1. Gorgeous eyes. And I know how that feels. Often tried to make some pictures but my phone refused since I missed the button. Did I feel bad when I discovered that the volume button also works to make pictures dash
    Sometimes when I run on the beach I see an amazing boy and feel bad I can’t snap a shot of him, but I just have to keep running.

    And yes, we can drown in those eye shock

  2. The last pic of a boy I took was in a hotel a few weeks ago.Id seen the boy,who was German,in the hotel gym earlier so it was a stroke of luck to have him sit by me at breakfast!

    I might do a post of my own pics. gamer

  3. In my day you had to tell the world you were photographing a lovely young boy because you had to use a camera the size of…well you get the idea. I guess it is another thing to thank technology for yes Thank you for sharing Kidzune. good hug hug

  4. I also have been in such a situation. It was this summer, in the bus from Cannes to Nice, he sat there and sometimes I looked at him. Then something funny happened and he looked at me and we laughed. At the next stop he left the bus. I thought I’d never see him again.
    But then, the last day of my vacation, I was in the center of Nice and we walked past a restaurant and who was sitting there? The same boy from the bus! I recognized him and he recognized me! I was very happy to see him again and I think he did the same. XD

  5. Since I am Anonymous here and hiding behind a vpn routed through china then Tor bounced 1/2 way across the globe :-p mwahahahah, kida overkill but *;-ppppppp blows raberries at the other BL’s……. the other day my new “toy” arrived to solve my problem of “missing the shot.”
    I got a 32gig 720p high def camera that is hidden in a wristwatch. Seriously ! 32 gigs of high def video with sound. one touch recording. The eye/lens (aperature) of the camera is the hole of the six so it is small and so unnoticable that even up close you cant see it I know its there and cant barely see it. there is no indicator light for anyone to see tha its recording.
    talk about stealth sneaky filming… I still won’t/can’t keep vid and images on my computer, but from time to time when I see an exeptionallt cute/sweet boy I might just get some footage or shots, oh the watch takes high res snapshots too.
    they are on ebay for pretty cheap but look carefull guys, make sure it has enough memory and make sure the eye or lez or aperature isnt obvious….

    Great post by the way dude. Love the kids eyes, super cute

  6. Those eyes are beautiful smile
    And with the camera problem, I had that problem too often. And was looking for a new phone. Then samsung came with their s6 and a awesome camera xD. I just have to double tap the home button to open camera. It launches in less than 1 second ^^

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