Asian boy in Shorts…… What is your favorite



2. Gorgeous


3. Adorable


4. Cutie 45864517Pyw

5. Pretty


6. Sweet


7. Yummy


8. Lovely






11 thoughts on “Asian boy in Shorts…… What is your favorite

  1. Oh, yes, yes, my favorite is … it is … they are all my favorites. hug Maybe I’m trying to watch again these awesome views, thus short … I mean boys, when I have dried up my glasses … they drew so badly fog. blush
    Yeah, let’s try again. 1. So beautiful view in shorts or somewhere … well, into the boy’s eyes. Really beautiful shorts … phew, eyes or something there between le… shock 2 and 3, yes, gorgeous and adorable short shorts … I mean legs … or something like that. wacko 4 wow … wow … what help 5 and 6, how pretty and sweet short shorts or legs or eyes, or it does not matter so much when some people are so damn pretty and sweet. 7 and 8, yes, yes just yummy and lovely something there. 9 and 10, can this be true or is this only a beautiful dream? So excellent short legs, or eyes, or perhaps shorts but so or not, this boy is just excellent with his beautiful face and legs and with his short shorts. heart hug And my favorite is wow … cute 4. yes

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