More nody boys

Well, well, well. It seems boys just don’t learn to behave. They just keep getting noddier and cheekier. I guess we have a whole new set of boys that require some srious puishment for their inapropiate behavior. See these nasties for yourselves:



Would you send them to Matt?








damn! his bulge is delicious!

That gorgeous girly boy can’t stop touching his crotch! You can even see he got sticky from so much touching, what a nody!

So, who is up to help me punish them so they all leanr how to behave? Some really harsh techniques msut be used (:<

25 thoughts on “More nody boys

  1. The boy in the video is so cute. I love how he keeps touching himself. And then he wipes his hand off when it got wet. He also kept getting distracted by it. I bet I know what he did when he got done making that video. laugh

    • oh yeah! i couldn’t decide if I should keep my eyes on his extra cute face or on his growing bulge! The more this nody guy kept playing with his wiener, the more you could see his bulge growing! I agree, this nasty made it clear what he was about to do to himself once he finished shooting the video (and start “shooting” something else laugh ) Too bad he didn’t invited us to join him in such precious scenario sad

  2. OMG! Pic #2 is just too much! I’d love to see the full set. Robbie is the stuff fantasies are made of. He’s gorgeous.

    And I can’t not say anything about the boy in the video. Very cute!

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