12 thoughts on “Buddies and Brothers and Cousins …

  1. last pic: what a weird position that is, but hey, both boys seem to be enjoying themselves! I would have expected the boy with blue speedo to be the dominant in the relationship, but it seems the smallest lad in red is the top.

    • Not 100% of Novelart’s boy pics are naturally posed. I think they try to find ways to show off the models’ beautiful bodies from different angles and different positions, something I appreciate greatly. I think blue speedo is Fillipo, in which case Alexander, the other, is most likely dominant in anything they might do together. He was always more muscular in his solo sets. He’s a particular favorite of mine because of his moles and the awesome mini-breasts he developed as he got older.

  2. Hard One to pick a Fav…I like all the boys and their bro’s or friends…Last pic is hot i like both of the boys and how they look so into that position…sexy!!! dash

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