34 thoughts on “Cute Boys Mix

  1. Master poster Maxie, I’m running out of tissue looking at the lovely boys you share with us. smile The first boy is darling and I love his shiny blue shorts, but for me boy number 4 just ignites the flames of sexual fantasy to their highest temperature. laugh The little boy in the white underwear/swimsuit has a bottom of epic proportions, a 10 on the, spanking/lickiing/ and any other activity one can think of to do with a boy who has a bottom like that, scale. shock inlove The long haired cuties in frame 5 is no slouch in the looks department and I’d love to see more of him. Boy #7 is also a looker. yes And yes, I would like to nail the boy in frame two, who wouldn’t. unknw As always you put forth a truly enjoyable table of eye candy. Mucho gracias mi amigo! hug hug hug

    • My friend beast, I love your comments heart , they are always so clear and kind to me. I am trying to post for you all beautiful pics, to enjoy your evenings and mornings penguin , thank you again. Muchas gracias de corazon. good hug

  2. Maxie your post are always great! Thank you good
    So much handsome boys…
    #2 It’s a big turn on for me when a hot boy wear ripped jeans blush
    Boy #4 is such a stunning beauty!
    #9 what a sexy bubble butt cool Bootylicious laugh

  3. My friend Maxie . The boys very handsome nice & sexy . My fav is : 1-6-7-9 ~~
    The boy n * 6, handsome package .
    The boy n * 9 handsome butt .
    Thank you very much Maxie smile smile

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