21 thoughts on “More Some “Cutes” #13

  1. Jake, is very difficult to answer, #1, 4 and 8 they have wonderful eyes. 2-4-5 beautiful hair, 6 & 7 beautiful face and # 8, a well formed body. So, Mr Jake97, today you have 100 %. wacko Thanks for sharing. good hug

  2. Shit jake, would I rather have a million dollars in twenties, fifties or hundreds? It’s all the same. I scroll down your post and go “oh, this boy has to be the cutest, then I come to the next frame and again think.”oh this boy has to be the cutest.” Love the post, don’t like to have to chose. Keep them cumming Jake. drinks

    • I didn’t have a gun to my head, but I had Frédéric #5 on my face when he was ready to dive, jumping over my head. He was standing, waiting a new wave, his hands on my shoulders and his feet on my crossed hands. I had his bulge pressed on my face. And I couldn’t help to put some light kisses on… Did you do something else ?

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