20 thoughts on “Some more soccer boys

  1. I used to play rec soccer when I was younger. Whenever I would be on the sidelines waiting to get back in the game I would admire the other boys and think “god they’re so cute.”

  2. Number Seven down is a tear jerker even if he is ‘just’ a ‘model’ …. I wish his attendance as an XMAS gift. [As for Numbers One. Two , and Three — I wonder why no one gets onto spanking them to train them to behave … but, what do I know, as is maybe how they got training to do by abandonments. ]

  3. Agree with Florian – that photo of Scotty is one of his best if not the best shot of him. He is soooo hot in that photo! The last two soccer shots are also great! Thanks for a great post.

  4. Soccer shots always get to me because my grandson is a top tier soccer player in the 15-16 year old select division in the US. I miss not getting to see him play. sorry I can see his gang of young rowdies flashing their bottoms and being all riotous like in the first three shots of this post. good
    Scotty is a doll who I would rate at 6 erections up. good It is the boy in frame 5 who really got my attention, what a well put together face. shock Is he also the boy in frame 4? unknw Thank you for the nice post Wonder. drinks

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