20 thoughts on “Sports Boys

  1. Your first and last pictures have taken my breath away – that first boy is so like my first true love. And the last photo could be me with my first true love. Have you been invading my dreams, wonder? yes

  2. Arms muscle show off with tats in blue swim suit dares us to take advantage of him. He dares all. I would like to dare him back … only he would win. FUN FANTASY. NICE PHOTO. drinks

  3. I wrote a very witty and intelligent comment last night, but the server went on the blink and I couldn’t post it. smile dash So you’ll have to make do with this. sorry Dynamite post, a line up of very cute little hotties. The boy in frames 2 and 4 is really a little cutie, great lips, would love to put them to use. laugh go USC. good The boy in frame 3 is a lust maker, what beautiful nasty fantasies. diablo Go yankees. laugh Frame 5 shows a darling Sprouse look alike. very nice. yes Then there is flex boy, his speedos and his nice pokey part showing itself off. quite nice. shock penguin The boy in frame 9 is just your above average hottie, looking cool and making lust grow. diablo Much thanks Wonder, keep up the good work. good hug joy

  4. #1 is a hottie, #8 I am at a loss for words. Never seen a boy of this age with such meaty biceps, huge triceps, hard-as-stone forearms, convincing fists and bulging legs. Maybe he’s a wrestler. Im sure he could pin all boys around the pool. He could pin even me if he wanted to. The last is also good, with gorgeous bulging biceps and meaty forearms peeking below the sleeves

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