First Pics Post

These are four of my favourites, for a variety of reasons. I like boys with long hair, obviously. I really could wax poetic about each of them. *sigh* Any information about these heart breakers would be great. I hope you enjoy, but don’t hurt yourselves!








16 thoughts on “First Pics Post

  1. Ouch!!! You warned, but I think I wasn’t careful enough. They have long enough … I mean their hair, of course, what else. blush Lovely boys all four. The dark, long hair of the third boy looks good, his brown, beautiful eyes look good, and absolutely everything in him looks good. So beautiful boy, sigh. hug And then … wow …ouuuch …wow … fourth towel, I mean the fourth boy … the boy’s towel is just the right height … perfect, just awesome. He’s really good-looking, so attractive. Thanks Jon, it seems that you have very good taste with boys. yes smile

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