3 thoughts on “Friends sagging 2

  1. It may float someone’s boat to see this style of boy wear, but it does little for me besides make me want to say, “Pull them up or off.” I know the police in the US love this style because the boys can’t run away, their pants just fall down and trip them or they have to hold on to them to keep them up which slows them down. I appreciate the time you took to post this Marci, thank you, just not my thing. sorry hug

  2. really delicious looking undies your friends wear! I specially loved the blacn and white boxers, and that one guy really seems to have a nice butt. ooohh, boys sagging their undies, that is the oly thing that keeps me motivated to go to school. I always enjoy discovering what my friends are wearing each day. So exciting, yet too bad there are no hot boys at my school, haha.

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