18 thoughts on “Sweet cute little darlings

  1. Blueeyes; you are becoming a master poster. yes I rate the post a 6 erections up. good Boy #1 looks like he’d be a real hottie in bed. yes #4 has a great sultry, sexy look that just causes the juices to flow. joy The boy in frames 5 & 6 looks like trouble, the good kind. laugh I’d love to spank him nice and stick something into what he is stickout in frame 6 diablo. And the cutie playing golf makes my putter rise yes . Thank you for a very arousing post. good heart hug

    • That’s good to know thanks.
      Any more pictures of him at this younger age would be great. :good:

      It seems like all the best looking guys were born at the same time and they all seem to be all grown up now.
      Isn’t there any more good looking boys being born these days?
      Just kidding, of course they are we just haven’t met them all yet.

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