11 thoughts on “For the fans of Manu …

  1. beatiful in every way! And the song he is singing is one of my all time favorites, it is really touching when you know what it means cry Manu is simply exquisite. And, is he waring makeup by chance? that is even hotter! He already looks girly, but he paints his lips (or so it seems), he is just too adorable hug Thank you for sharing this vid. How can i fund more Manu videos?

    • I love how the song start with ” si fuera mas guapo, si fuera mas listo”, which means “if i were more handsome, if I were smarter” The fact that Manu is singing it makes me think: “but Manu, you already are super beautiful! and no doubt you are smart too! i don’t think it is posible for you to be any sexier!”

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