41 thoughts on “Moments of relaxed by “Yann13”

  1. Very hot post Yann. good The first picture is filed under things that make you go; “Awwww, how darling!” penguin Then you give us 6 pictures of very handsome lads relaxing in a most eye pleasing manner, each cute enough to cuddle. yes hug Then comes the archer, who I’d love to let fire my arrow, what a hottie. shock inlove And finally we get to enjoy a young lad completely at peace with his environment–I wish I could beat the heat he gave me as easy as he is beating the heat where he is. what a little beauty. laugh Thank you for another wonderful post. good hug joy

  2. Pictures 4&6, the boy on the bed with the nintendo DS
    and the boy with the bow & Arrow.
    what to say about them…..
    Well, the boy with the bow & arrow… *Chris points up on the webpage toward JonPB’s post and says “What he said.”
    And the boy on the bed playing Nintendo DS and is wearing Black shorts, well… Ummm, I am jealous of hi friend, or brother or whoever that is, layin on the bed nex to him. It should be me there layin next to him sad after all it is Fishmas

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