47 thoughts on “Who says, Long Hair is not ?

  1. You have done it again, Maxie! Another very different post, full of beauty and delightful boys. The boy in 1 and 8 is spectacular and I love 6 and 10 too. And then there is the beautiful picture of Vladik. Thank you so much again. good drinks hug

  2. Long hair is really cool. It’s taken several years to grow the hair as long as the boy in the pic 4 has. Beautiful boy and great picture. Surfer boy has also spectacular hair and the boy is in my opinion very beautiful. And the next boy from Brazil is absolutely wonderful with his great hair. yes smile

  3. Four, five, six and nine. Oh my.

    Four is amazing. His entire look. The jeans, the belt, the necklaces, those eyes and that long, long hair. Exquisite.

    The surfer boy in 6 has such a great smile. Too bad he didn’t lose the shirt for this pic, but he’s amazing as well.

    Great set. Thanks very much.

  4. Surfer USA boy is my Boy-God.Beautiful face,sunny smile, and that lovely long blonde hair!
    I love long hair boys only. The longer, the better.
    Wow, I wish I could kiss him!

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