More Some “Cutes” #14

Who is the cutest?

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17 thoughts on “More Some “Cutes” #14

  1. My favorite is #9 because it is João, my boyfriend in Portugal ! Of course you can post all my boys, happy to see my boys everywhere, but it would be very very nice for me to mention “Patrick’s boy”. João had a twin brother Zé. This pict was taken in 1985. Thanks for other boys, nice too !

  2. They’re all beautiful, and 1 & 2 have heart melting eyes but #9, João, really stands out, doesn’t he? That gaze just radiates beauty and strength. I want to wrestle with him to tear off that tank top, and I wouldn’t mind losing as long as it’s a nice, in tight, sweaty, fight. Grrowlll! More João and Zé, please!

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