28 thoughts on “Yummy tummy

    • you never sneaked a cigarette or did nuthin worse when you were that age ?
      ???? if the worst I did was smoke a few cigarettes my parents would’a been counting their blessings. We all did stuff. Either to be cool or to be “bad.” And if you say no or claim you were an angel, grins. Ok I’ll believe you but.. really, what do you think kids age now are doin ?

      • I never tried to be cool. I could never get over the stench of those cigarettes. Some kids once offered me some (think I was around 12 or 13 at the moment), but I never took any.
        Same with alcohol. I didn’t like the taste of beer and didn’t much care for learning to drink it. At around 16 I did drink an occasional glass, but never more than 4 a year.

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