35 thoughts on “Call me Killian

  1. Hey Killian … and hey Maxie!

    Killian, could you come to wash my car? It is very muddy at the moment. Hopefully, however, you don’t catch a cold. Here in the north is pretty chilly now. no cool But perhaps we could drinks after washing.

    Yeah, Killian is really good looking boy and also I like particularly the pic 6. smile

      • Oh, why? Well, first of all, his face look very beautiful in the pic 6. When he is lying there on the hood, he looks very, very sexy laugh … wow diablo … oh dash … ouch wacko … I think that I almost help … oooh wacko blush Oh boys, what I had to say … oh yeah the hood looks so sexy and its butt looks really good. good Excuse me? no I mean, of course, that Killian looks so sexy and his butt looks really good. yes heart hug

        Do you know where Killian lives … I just thought that if he has a long way to travel over to me? smile

  2. Killian lives in South Africa and he is a model boy of the photographer Kai. You can see him as an Indian on a horse to the beach, a pict very known. He is a beautiful and exceptional boy.

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