7 Mix.

My time is gone, I’m leaving the blog. A year ago I followed, I loved both this blog!! Is very deep, sorry, I have no words. Special thank’s to sascha and comments of all! I wish all a merry christmas, and a year of good health, full of love and with much joy, and handsome boys around all!! The only thing I want, is a smile of life…0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010

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  1. Seven, I’m very sad, about you are leaving this blog. I think I know how your feelings are. We all have enjoyed your posts, I hope in future we find you posting again. Wherever you go, I wish you a good and healthy life. Hasta pronto amigo ! cry
    This post is so beautiful, like all the posts you sended. Thank you so much. good hug

    • Maxie, thank you! Sometimes we have to follow other ways, and not always as we want…
      My problem is that I am a very fragile person. Sometimes I get upset about simple things!
      I can not get over it yet…

      You’re cool, in almost all the posts have a sweet comment yours, you seem to be very happy. I admire people like you! I appreciate your posts too! Deseo todo lo mejor a usted amigo!

      Please do not be sad! Y de nuevo muchas gracias! yes

    • Bye Colestar, your welcome. Please do not stop, welcome, your posts are wonderful too, I’m leaving, but you can replace me! laugh You’re better than me!! Thank U. yes

  2. wow! what? why?!?! And during the hollydays season? you can’t do this seven! we will all miss you really much! sad It just worries me and makes me sad seeing how the best posters are suddenly one by one leaving the blog lately!

    • Personal problems, and so it was posting very little here… Don’t worry, because there are many nice people out there coming… Who has a taste for boys, as everyone has here!
      I’m sure! smile

      Thanks for the comment!!

    • Personal problems, and so it was posting very little here… But do not worry because there are many nice people out there coming… Who has a taste for boys, as everyone has here! I’m sure! smile

      Thanks for the comment!

      • but your taste was unique, i doubt anyone can replace you, but lets see what future members have to offer. Well, I guess this is a goodbye then cry sad I hope life has prepared for you many better things to come good My best wishes and good luck on your future, my friend. Goodbye sad Adios cry Auf wiedersehen hug

    • That life open a smile for everyone, all people to love each other forever.
      I also do not know you right, but you seem to be good…

      Thanks for the good wishes, Beast!!

  3. I do not know if I have comment on your posts here before or not. You wish for a smile the above post brought one. I do not know your personal troubles, it is not my business, but sometimes it is better to face a problem with a friend then to try to run away alone. Whatever the trouble, I will be thinking of you, I hope the best for you. Good wishes

  4. Thank you for this post and your others, Seven. You post beautiful boys beautifully. Like everyone else, I will miss you and I hope you find the happiness you seek. If not, you will know where we are. Many good wishes for now and the future.

  5. Thank you all, I do not know how to thank you for all these beautiful words!
    When I close my eyes, I already beginning to feel the good wishes you sent…

    Thank You!

    I just wanted to thank one more time in this blog.
    I always looked for a place to enjoy the beauty of the boys!
    It’s so much love, such affection, so many pretty boys, it is inexplicable…

    A while ago, one of the first things I did when I went on the Internet was coming here, I sometimes got upset when Sasha not posted anything…
    Love all the posts, it’s so nice to see you share, i loved it!

    I found this blog, is where it all began…
    Where I found several other places with beautiful images of fantastic boys, most of the pictures I have are from here and other fantastic places!

    Just wanted to leave a special thanks to these living legends:
    Nicolas, Shaian, Niels691, Sinal, “Nukedguy”, Myth, Taiger-10, Never11, Dad3boys, Littlebouddha, Joemka, Beach_hunter and many other legends!!

    Total respect!!

    Thank you Guysss! yes

  6. Thanks for this amazing post SEVEN. These boys are so cute and sweet. hug

    You will be missed. Your posts were appreciated. All the best of luck to you and have a happy life. drinks

  7. I know this is a older post but it IS REAL he put his feelings into this post……I know it because EVERY moment captured thorough photography is a sweet statement of boys are to be treasured and loved………A true BL knows exactly this…………Extreme longing to have a boy to love and whom loves you back……..Without the society’s stain on his feelings and heart………..I know this post is genuine! Utterly beautiful! So sad he felt so much inside his soul that he made the ONLY choice he could………Much RESPECT and love to this former poster and BL!

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