20 thoughts on “Portuguese Boy

  1. So much like my third son Peter, only Peter would be demanding to be photographed in the smallest speedo he could find to tease us all with his bubble butt and ample joy stick. yes The boy pictured so stirs memories and I’m finding I look at these more for the memories they can generate than the passion the actual lovely boy arouses. I guess it is whatever floats your boat? yes I lost all our family pictures in a storage fire when we moved from Northern California to Texas, which is what makes posts like this so dear. cry Thank you Tomas for both the lovely, full lips, darling eyed, sweet faced boy, but also the fond memories. drinks heart hug joy

    • Sure you were cute, but we never can know that when we are young. When I was very young I thought I was ugly and now, when I give picts of my youth to friends or BL they all say “how cute you was, I pretty you was…”
      And if you are a Portuguese boy, you must be a lovely boy in your mind. And in my mind.
      Beauty is not rules, beauty is in your heart and above all in your ability to have lovers and friends. To be cute is a thing, a temporary thing. To have a good heart, that is the true cuteness. Muito obrigado meu amigo e até jà.

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