57 thoughts on “Team Blonde 3 by “Yann13”

  1. WOW shock A 8 erection up rated post to start today off with. good I am going to be sore before I get through the blog. laugh The sexy hunk of boy in frame 3 deserves a whole ten posts all about him, his lovely body, cute package, marvelous backside, enchanting face, sweet bow like lips and deep bewitching eyes. I would love to help him out of that large speedo and discuss what pops up. yes inlove laugh Very nicely done, again, Yann. good drinks joy hug

  2. YANN13! OMG! You have outdone yourself with this set! I join my fellow commenters in saying THANK YOU!

    This set is simply stunning and makes me so happy to be BL. It is such a joy to share in the beauty of boys in this way and to read how many of you are responding to them like I do. To not be alone in this obsession is reassuring.

    That said, the tease represented here is also a major frustration. While I would never violate a boy, I still long for the ability to spend all my hours in physical contact with such works of art. To be denied this and left only to gaze at a distance can be terribly frustrating. I’m sure I’m not alone in this…

  3. Watse ouik is dutch? Ek is bietjie Dutch En sal geniet om so n seun te ontmoet, enige vriend goie n woord my Kant toe, ek sal geniet on met julle te praat, ons erken nie wie ons werklik is, dankie ouens, geseende kersfees vir julle almal!

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