15 thoughts on “Welcome to Paradise – Part 1

  1. Thank you very much. I know this Paradise, and I had too a Paradise like this one for 40 years in Africa. You can find paradises like these on several places in the world, but not in Europe or USA… Unfortunately, if the boys are the same everywhere, the minds are not….

  2. What a beautiful place Paradise is. I could and I wish already to move to such a place. But how I could get there … no money, no longer possible to travel. On the other hand no longer any ties here where I am now. No one would miss me here. The perfect opportunity to get out of … but, but it does not succeed without money. Oh shit … oh sorry. sad sorry Finding Paradise appears would succeed, but … sigh. And then what you could find from Paradise? This kind of beautiful, happy, lovely and natural boys. No posing, no sexy undies, but just the natural beauty and joy. hug smile

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