8 thoughts on “Hot Boy

  1. ooohhh hug its Baby Colton Glenn heart He is soo cute and looks super young. He is 14! his cute baby face could easily tell otherwise, but you should defenetely check out his amazing and delicious abbs he loves to show off so much. Unlike Guy, i think some boys can look really good waring piercings, but at the end of the day, Colton looks hot with or without wathever he pleases

  2. Guys…ALL ….. well almost all Okay A Lot of the Junior High school Boys are getting earrings(both ears…yes) and dying their hair either blue,green or red?? Its a boy fad……They`re pretty faddish @ that age so??? As long as they dont put that crap on their nose,lips or eyebrows I can deal with it….Its kinda cute. hug

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