14 thoughts on “More Some “Cutes” #15

  1. Jake, what a hot group of young lovelies. shock The first four are handsome and worth being in a post. yes number five’s eyes and cute little face rate a kiss, hug and further inspection. inlove Boy #6 needs a health warning: May cause diabetes he’s so sweet looking. laugh the next two blond boys are all boy and very nice lookers. yes Then is the little latin fighter who I’d box anytime, especially in his little speedos, very sexy and hot. good And then there is young blue eyes, hot damn, so handsome. inlove Thank you for a happy group and a very happy viewer. joy good heart

    • Beast, fine comment about great boys. I should have read your health warning before I began to look at pictures. ??? Well, I already have diabetes and you can surely guess what boy # 6 did with it. And already the previous boy had caused a lot racing heart … his great brown eyes. wacko Oh my heart. I should have stopped watching to it but of course I made a mistake and yet continued to move forward and BANG, wow, oooh help … it was boy # 9, you know.

  2. I had to go back and check before I commented.. Number 10 is the cutest..
    I had to check that you asked which is the cutest, Not which is the cutest “and why,” woulda been to hard to answer otherwise. this way I can move on ;-p

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