Stay active, stay fit!




nice pants







Hope you enjoyed, which boy do you think is the sexiest?
And by the way, I would like to let you knoe that this Sunday the 20th is my birthday (: !! Already turning 17 :/    sad

I will be making a special post to celebrate it. No, it won’t be me in briefs this time, sorry, just some of the hottest boypics i have.

18 thoughts on “Stay active, stay fit!

  1. May your day of remembrance of your birth be filled with friends, good times and make great memories. drinks heart good 17 was 51 years ago for me and you sharing that yours is about to happen brings a flood of old friends’ faces, happy, crazy times and sad salutes to those who’ve passed, thank you for sharing. good
    Your post a very nice with some wonderful selections to choose from. Were I strained on a desert island #8 hug would be my choice, with #3 heart a close second. laugh The boy in frame #6 is so cute, so full of the joy only the really young can have that I have to say a special thanks for sharing him. inlove Again Happy Birthday, may you know many more happy, joy filled and wondrous days, live long and prosper as Spock used to say. heart hug joy

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